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What is the temporal focus of anthropomorphic activity?

Human relationship to other people

What is the person's human relationship to other citizenry?
US cultivation esteems individualism and realizes satisfaction as derived by personal achievement.

Maximizing one's opportunities and capacities becomes a mental imperative.

However although Americans pride themselves on their esteem for individualist independence, numerous American firms (in particular in such long-standing sectors as banking and insurance) are perceptibly hierarchical. By comparing, in collectivist Japan, even a chief executive whose organization bears his name knows he is required to match individualal desires against the harmony of the grouping.

Hominal action

What is the mode of hominian activity?
It is postulated that U.S. society does not offer clear means of achieving self-designation other than through activeness and performance, and so goal-attainment becomes substance by which you qualify yourself apart from the group.

Because other individuals should be competent to recognize this achievement, it has to be in sight and measurable. Thus financial wealth renders one measurement of winning activeness. Within the system, employees are motivated by promises of progress and status symbolizations overtly associated with social status such as a superior company automotive vehicle and a luxuriously fitted business office.

Buddhist mental attitudes in South-east Asia which follow beliefs in reincarnation maintain that the individual is born into his/her present status and circumstances by merit of worthy acts performed in a preceding life and that effort in this life may be wasted. By obviating wicked acts and by upholding the concord of nowaday circumstances, you facilitate your probability of being born into a raised position in your future reincarnation.

Hominian activeness

What is the temporal focus of anthropomorphic activity?
North America is normally held up as a future-oriented social group which considers that the hereafter can be formed and harnessed. Moreover, the future is sure to be fitter than the existing just as the present must to be an improvement on the past. But this placement may be short-term.